Which trick rope is right for me?


So you want to trick rope? Well, all you need is the right rope and some patience. But which rope is right for you? The answer is, it depends!

At Western Stage Props, we primarily sell 100% cotton Samson spot cord, which has been used by generations of trick ropers dating back to the days Will Rogers. Our ropes range from 13′ to 40′, each one designed for specific uses.

Charro-style ropers of the Mexican roping tradition prefer to use longer, synthetic ropes. If you are interested in charro roping, the length is not important, as the excess rope remains coiled in the roper’s hand.

For most beginners, a 13′ rope is an ideal size for learning the flat loop, which is the basis for all other roping tricks. Because the rope is cut shorter, it is less likely to hit your leg or hit the ground, two of the most common problems that beginners have. Our 13′ rope comes with an optional leather burner. Many beginners prefer the burner because it slows the rope down and adds some weight, though the burner is not necessary to learn.

Elizabeth Taylor

If you have a longer arm span, you may want to use a 15′ rope. The 15 footer can be used for the majority of moves in the trick roping repertoire. Flat loops, wedding rings, merry-go-rounds, handshakes, butterflies and reverse ocean waves can all be done using this rope.  Many ropers will customize the length of the rope, cutting 6-12 inches off depending on their arm span and roping style. These ropes also come with an optional burner.

Our next option is the 20′ rope which comes standard with the leather burner installed. This rope is primarily for large wedding rings, though it’s also great for butterflies.

Henry Norwest

The 24′ rope comes with a heavy brass honda and it’s for making a large vertical loop and for the Texas skip. Our 40′ rope can also be used for the Texas skip, but can be used to make a giant wedding ring loop as well.




5 thoughts on “Which trick rope is right for me?

    1. A 24′ rope should work fine, but if you’re concerned it’s not long enough you could request 25′.

      The other alternative is to use a 40′ rope. You’ll need to keep the excess rope coiled up in your non-dominant hand, but this way you can let out just enough rope to make the loop the perfect size. You can also do a big loop with this same rope.


  1. Is a brass honda necessary to do vertical loops or will a steel thimble work? I’ve started trying to do them but I don’t think the weight is either heavy enough or my 15′ cotton rope isn’t getting enough friction to maintain the vertical loop on the steel thimble. Any suggestions?


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